Alexander Worbey
Alexander Worbey
Date of Birth 18 January 1851
Place of Residence 76 Wellington Road Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Annie Jane Jack
Childrens Names Elizabeth Edith, Ethel Laura & Annie Ada

This is possibly Alexander Worbey who was born in Hobart on 18 Jan 1851, the eldest son of Alexander Worbey (1818-1883), a potter, and Elizabeth Gold King.

Alexander married Annie Jane Jack in Hobart in 1878 and they had three daughters: Elizabeth Edith, born 4 Oct 1878; Ethel Laura, born 29 Aug 1880; and Annie Ada, born 24 Mar 1888.

Alexander Worbey worked as a potter with his father at Potter's Hill, Lenah Valley, where he rented a kiln and clay pit from Morton Hickman. His enterprise was a cottage industry or studio pottery rather than a mass-production business. His work has a characteristic vine leaf decoration and examples of his pottery are highly prized and sought after. He ceased working there about 1890. He moved to Launceston and lived at 76 Wellington Road, next door to the McHugh Brothers Potteries. Campbell's Pottery was also close by and it is possible that he worked for one of these businesses and may have attended the Exhibition in connection with their displays.

Alexander Worbey died aged 62 in Hobart on 2 Jun 1912. His wife Annie died on 25 Nov 1912.

Prue McCausland Apr 2009