Monimia Woollands
Monimia Woollands
Date of Birth 22 May 1865
Place of Residence Esk Street Inveresk Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name James Anthony Lane
Childrens Names Elvie, Victor Ashley, Thelma Monimia, Hazel Archer, Gwenneth Marie & Claudia Adille

Monimia (Minnie) Woollands was born on 22 May 1865, the third of four daughters born to James Woollands and Julia Archer who were married in 1859. Monimia sang soprano in the Tasmanian Exhibition Choir in 1891-92, along with her sister Mary Ann, who is also pictured in the Family Album.

Monimia married James Anthony Lane, a baker, on 26 Jan 1893 in Launceston. Their six children were all born in Launceston: Elvie, 1893; Victor, 1896-1958; Thelma, 1898; Hazel, 1900; Gwenneth, 1907 and Claudia, 1911. James died aged 45 on 23 Aug 1914; Monimia lived until she was 93 years old. She died on 21 Jul 1958 and was buried with her husband at Carr Villa in Section B1 No. 130.

Barbara Valentine & Marion Sargent Mar 2009