Alfred Percy Cartwright Windsor
Alfred Percy Cartwright Windsor
Date of Birth 11 July 1874
Place of Residence 'Victoria Terrace' 3 Welman Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Did not marry
Childrens Names No children

Alfred Percy Cartwright Windsor was the eighth of ten children born to Edward Charles Windsor (1829-1893) and his wife Georgiana Cartwright (1839-1903). He was born in Launceston on 11 Jul 1874. Percy Windsor was a 16-year-old student at EA Nathan's Launceston High School at the time of the Exhibition in 1891-92. Along with several of his classmates, he submitted some samples of plain penmanship for display.

Percy was a representative of the Derwent and Tamar Assurance Co. in Launceston. After his retirement about 1932 he became a real estate agent. Percy died aged 67 on 5 Jul 1942 and was cremated at Carr Villa. Alfred's brother Edward and two sisters are also in the Family Album.

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