Hubert Ambrose Waldron
Hubert Ambrose Waldron
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Emma Victoria Agnes Harris
Childrens Names No children

Hubert Ambrose Waldron was born in Windsor, Victoria, in 1879, a brother of Ernest John Bellord Waldron who also appears in the Album. Hubert was the youngest child of John Waldron (1838-1881), a teacher, and Rebecca Jane McArthur (1849-1880) who were married in Launceston on 1 Aug 1867. The three eldest in the family were born in Launceston: Ernest Bellord, 2 May 1868; Lemuel Arthur, 22 Dec 1869 and Percy Albert, 7 Aug 1871 - 25 Aug 1871. The family then moved to Victoria where four more children were born: Mabel Ethel Rebecca, 1873; Herbert Alfred, 1875-1875; Claude Percival, 1877-1878 and Hubert Ambrose, 1879. The family, with the four surviving children, returned to Tasmania where Rebecca died aged 30 on 26 Mar 1880 at Evandale. Just one year later John died on 29 Mar 1881, leaving his four children orphaned.

Hubert Ambrose became a carpenter and lived for a time in Western Australia before settling in Victoria. His sister Mabel lived with him for a number of years in Prahran. At the age of 58, on 12 Mar 1938, Hubert married 40-year-old Emma Victoria Agnes Harris at St Matthew's Church, Prahran. Emma was born in Zeehan on 24 Sep 1897. After three and a half years of marriage Hubert died aged 62 from myocarditis on 27 Oct 1941 in Oakleigh, Victoria. He was buried at the Box Hill Cemetery.

Hubert's wife's niece remembers him as a lovely gentle man with brown eyes and a pet cockatoo. He owned quite a lot of property in Tasmania. His estate went to his wife, but in the event of her death, was to pass to the surviving children of his brother Ernest J B Waldron. Emma passed away on 7 Jan 1953 aged 55.

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