Rudolph Robert Carl Wachsmuth
Rudolph Robert Carl Wachsmuth
Date of Birth 29 April 1845
Place of Residence 'Roland Park' Kentish Plains Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name 1. Alicia Henrietta Thompson; 2. Eliza Jane Rees
Childrens Names 1. Rudolph, Herbert, Francisca, Fritz, Percy, Violet & Herman; 2. Isla, George, Edgar, Ida, Lieblic, Gracie & Una

Rudolph Robert Carl Wachsmuth was born in Gottingen, Germany, to music teacher Ernst Friedrich August Wachsmuth and his wife Henriette Auguste Hillert. Rudolph was possibly a former engineer in the Prussian army. He lived in Victoria, where he married Alicia Thompson on 30 Aug 1871. The family arrived in Launceston in 1878 and Rudolph advertised his services as a 'professional tuner of pianofortes, organs and harmoniums'. Later he started a high-pressure gold sluicing boom in Tasmania. Two of his and Alicia's young children died in 1882 and 1883, and Alicia had six months in prison for larceny in Melbourne in 1882-83. She died in Sydney on 1 Jun 1887. Rudolph's second wife, Eliza Rees, appears in the Family Album.

Rudolph took up with Eliza Rees and had four children before they married in Sydney on 8 May 1893. In 1892 Ruldolph put on a feast at the Albert Hall for the Tasmanian Exhibition and, when the 20th century dawned, Rudolph and Eliza were music teachers in Launceston. He died in Melbourne and was buried on 6 May 1918 at Fawkner Cemetery, Victoria. His wife Eliza died on 20 Oct 1937 at North Carlton and also was buried at Fawkner Cemetery. Daughter Francisca married John Little, Violet married Arthur Doolan, Isla married Gilbert Robertson, whilst Gracie married Arthur Mickle. See The Examiner 3 Dec 2005, p. 32.

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