Annie Jacson-Caton Unsworth
Annie Jacson-Caton Unsworth
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence 104 Tamar Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Frederick Richard Unsworth
Childrens Names Edith Annie, Lucy Esther, Henry James, Eleanor (Nellie) & Annie

Annie Jacson-Caton Unsworth was the daughter of John and Rachel Wright of Fleetwood, Lancashire, who lived in Launceston, Tasmania, for many years. Annie was born in Manchester in 1861. She married Frederick Unsworth at the Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, on 24 Dec 1880. Their children were all born in Launceston: Edith, 1881-1956; Lucy, 1883-1964; Henry, 1885-1953; Eleanor, 1889-1909 and Annie, 1891-1914. Annie senior died at her residence at 7 Balfour Street on 11 Jan 1934 aged 73. She was interred at Carr Villa in the family plot B 61. Frederick is also pictured in the Family Album.

Peter Richardson & Marion Sargent May 2008