Alfred William Tyson
Alfred William Tyson
Date of Birth 28 February 1866
Place of Residence 51 Arthur Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Ada Flora Monds
Childrens Names Alfred & Keith

Alfred William Tyson was born in Launceston on 28 Feb 1866, the fourth child of accountant Matthews Tyson (1835-1915) and Louisa Marianne Legg who married in Feb 1858. Alfred was twelve when his mother died in 1878. He was educated in Launceston and Bendigo. Before his marriage Alfred spent five years in Queensland doing missionary work with Aborigines and Pacific Islanders. He married Ada Flora Monds, fourth daughter of TW Monds on 6 Apr 1892. The ceremony was performed at Christ Church, Launceston, by Rev. William Law, assisted by Rev. Francis Neale. It was a double wedding with Ada's sister Helena.

Alfred and Ada had two sons: Alfred on 27 Mar 1893; and Keith on 20 Sep 1894. Alfred senior worked for the Launceston City Council for 36 years, and at the time of the Exhibition he was the Collector of Rates and City Valuator. He was a keen cricketer and ardent musician. Alfred died on 21 Jul 1934 at his residence 95 Arthur Street aged 68. His obituary in The Examiner states that he 'was extremely popular, and was noted for his lovable disposition'. Alfred's sister Mary, his future wife Ada Monds and future brother-in-law Ernest Ritchie are also pictured in the Family Album.

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