Briseis Isabel Smith
Briseis Isabel Smith
Date of Birth 10 August 1863
Place of Residence 11 York Street, Launceston Tasmania
Spouses Name Did not marry
Childrens Names No children

Briseis Isabel Smith was born in Hobart on 10 Aug 1863, daughter of George Smith and Harriott Russell Belstead. She opened a school in York Street Launceston in the 1890s, probably at her home. A school hall was built at St John's Church and an expanded school operated there for many years. It had opened there by 1908 and continued until 1930. Briseis then moved the school to 15 Mary Street, East Launceston in 1931 under the name St Anne's School. She retired in 1936 aged 73. All her schools were at primary level and she was assisted in earlier years by her sister Amy Russell Smith (born 4 November 1865) and at St Anne's by her niece Judith (Judy) Arnold Anderson.

Briseis's brother Arthur Garnet Smith lived at the same address. He is also in the Album.

Briseis died on 14 June 1947  and is buried at Carr Villa Cemetery.

Bruce Crawford, November 2021