Rupert O'Neil Simmons
Rupert O'Neil Simmons
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Kate Wilkinson
Childrens Names Rush Weaver & Amy Maud

Rupert O'Neil Simmons was born in Rosedale, Victoria, in 1869, the youngest of four children of John Wright Simmons and Emma James who married in 1862. In 1903 Rupert was a clerk living at 102 Rathmines Road, Hawthorn, with his brother Edward Alfred and sister Ida Marion Simmons. Ida married James R Hadden in 1904 and Edward married Mabel A Pulling in 1905.

Rupert moved to Western Australia where, in 1909, he married Kate Wilkinson. She was a stationer from Ararat, Victoria, born in 1873 to journalist Thomas Wilkinson and his wife Jane Anne Elizabeth Weaver. Rupert and Kate had at least two daughters. Rush Weaver was born in Perth in 1913 and became a ledgerkeeper. Amy Maud was born in 1915; she became a clerk and later a secretary. Rupert was employed as a life assurance agent. The family lived at 46 Surbiton Road, East Fremantle. After his retirement they moved to 36 Sandgate Street, South Perth. Kate died aged 86 in 1959 and Rupert died aged 95 in 1965.

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