Robert George Paton
Robert George Paton
Date of Birth 15 October 1881
Place of Residence 68 Paterson Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Margaret McCulloch Ferguson
Childrens Names George Dugald, David Ferguson & Dugald Maxwell

Robert George Paton was born in Launceston on 15 Oct 1881, the only son of George Paton (died 1 Jul 1927) and his wife Hannah Thorpe (died 27 Feb 1886 at the age of 31). Others in the family were Mary Hannah, Margaret Jane, Clara Evaleen and Fanny Isabel. Mary also appears in the Album.

Robert's father, George Paton, was a well-known plasterer and was mayor of Launceston in 1912. He was a member of the General Committee for the Tasmanian Exhibition of 1891-92.

Robert married Margaret McCulloch Ferguson on 19 Jan 1916 at Kirkfield, Johnstone, Scotland. The couple had three children: George Dugald, born 25 Nov 1916; David Ferguson, 25 Sep 1919 and Dugald Maxwell.

Robert Paton was also a well-known plasterer in Launceston and responsible for ornate plaster work on many old Launceston landmarks. In later years he also was known as George. He lived to be 101 and died in hospital in Launceston on 6 Feb 1983.

Prue McCausland Jul 2010