Catherine Allye  Pardey
Catherine Allye Pardey
Date of Birth 16 June 1863
Place of Residence French Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Hamilton Goulder Fitts
Childrens Names Beryl Hamilton, Russell Hamilton, Alan Hamilton, Clive Hamilton & John Hamilton

Catherine Allye Pardey, born in Geelong on 16 June 1863, was the youngest child of William Evamy Pardey and Catherine (Kate) McKenzie who were married in Victoria in 1854 and divorced in 1865.  Their other children, Catherine's elder siblings, were: Caroline Evamy, born 1855; Charles William, 1858; Elizabeth Jane, 1859, and James McInnery,1862. The family lived in Geelong, Victoria, where William Pardey was a pharmacist. 

William Evamy Pardey subsequently married Ann Morrow in 1866 and their children were Annie Isabell, 1866; Lillian Morrow, 1871, and Norman Millias, 1876. 

At the time of the Exhibition, Catherine Allye Pardey was living in Launceston, keeping house for her brother  Dr James McInnery Pardey, who was Surgeon Superintendent at the General Hospital, Launceston, until early Oct 1891 when he was succeeded by Dr Francis Drake. Dr Pardey married Florence Morrow on 22 June 1892 at St Augustine's Church, Inglewood Victoria.

In this photo, Catherine was around 28 years old.

In 1893 Catherine Allye Pardey married Hamilton Goulder Fitts at Clifton Hill (Melbourne), Victoria. Her usual residence at the time was given as Launceston Tasmania. Thereafter Catherine and Hamilton lived in Melbourne.  Their children were Beryl Hamilton (1894-1957), married Mark C Gardner in 1926; Russell Hamilton (1895-1942); Alan Hamilton (1898-1975); Clive Hamilton (1900-1984) and John Hamilton (1902-1968).

Hamilton Goulder Fitts (1863-1957), wool merchant, was the son of John Fitts and Millicent Sophia Blackham.

Catherine died on 24 April 1943 and is buried in the same plot in Melbourne Cemetery as her son Russell Hamilton Fitts who died on 25 November 1942 and her husband Hamilton Goulder Fitts who died on 28 March 1953.

(This photo was originally thought to be of Catherine's mother, Catherine Pardey, wife of William Evamy Pardey.)

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