Alfred Patterson Osborn
Alfred Patterson Osborn
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Christchurch New Zealand
Spouses Name Emily Jane Turvey
Childrens Names Daisy Frances Christina

Alfred Patterson Osborn, born in 1857, was an engraver from Christchurch, New Zealand. He exhibited engraving and calligraphy and stamp manufacturing at the Tasmanian Exhibition in 1891-92. He won a first award for general engraving on brass plates, copper, gold, silver and wood. He also obtained a second award for his calligraphy.

Alfred established the bach community at Taylors Mistake, New Zealand. In 1880 he built a cave house, called 'The Pilgrims Rest', perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea. He was known as The Pilgrim, as he went there alone leaving his wife and child in Christchurch. He was the first president of the Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club and later patron. He erected a memorial sundial next to the Surf Club to commemorate those killed in World War I. Alfred was a member of the Canterbury Lodge. He married Emily Jane Turvey in 1885 and had one daughter Daisy in 1888. Alfred died on 12 Mar 1942 aged 85 and was cremated in Christchurch.

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