Mary Anne Harriet O'Halloran
Mary Anne Harriet O'Halloran
Date of Birth 10 December 1861
Place of Residence Burn Street Invermay Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Did not marry
Childrens Names No children

This is possibly Mary Anne Harriet O'Halloran who was born in Launceston on 10 Dec 1861, the eldest child of James O'Halloran (c.1832-1894) and Elizabeth Rosevear (1836-1866), who were married on 31 Jan 1861. James O'Halloran was in business as a tanner in Invermay. Mary Ann had a younger brother James Woodland who was born in 1863 and a sister Elizabeth Burden, born in 1865. Their mother Elizabeth died aged 29 on 25 Jun 1866.

James married his first wife's sister Peggy Rosevear on 5 Jun 1873, and another brother, Victor Eric, was born in 1877. James suffered from asthma and on 14 Apr 1894 he shot himself in the head. He was interred in the Cypress Street Cemetery, but his headstone later was moved to Carr Villa. Mary Anne died aged 77 on 19 Jan 1939; her funeral service was held at St George's Anglican Church, Invermay. She was buried at the Carr Villa Cemetery in Section B 332.

Two Misses O'Halloran sang soprano in the Exhibition Choir of 1891-92. Mary Anne's sister Elizabeth, who also appears in the Album, could be the Miss B O'Halloran who is listed in the Official Catalogue.

Prue McCausland Aug 2010