Ada Flora Monds
Ada Flora Monds
Date of Birth 14 May 1867
Place of Residence 'Lebriena' 177 St John Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Alfred William Tyson
Childrens Names Alfred & Keith

Ada Flora Monds was born on 14 May 1867, the sixth of eight children of Thomas Wilkes Monds (1829-1916) and Angelina Hall (1830-1905) who were married in 1852. Ada was born at the Albion Mills, Corra Linn, Patersons Plains, when her father was employed there as a flour miller. The family moved to 'Hattondale', Carrick, when Thomas bought the Carrick Mills later in 1867.

Ada married Alfred William Tyson, architect, on 6 Apr 1892. Her sister Helena was married to George Lloyd in the same ceremony which was performed by the Rev. William Law, assisted by the Rev. Francis Neale, at Christ Church, Launceston. They had two sons, Alfred, born 1893 and Keith, 1894. Ada died on 19 Jun 1947 aged 80. She was cremated and her remains were buried at Carr Villa in Section D1 No. 409 with her husband who had passed away in Jul 1934. Her parents, one sister, most likely Helena, and her future husband are also pictured in the Family Album.

Marion Sargent Jul 2008