John Charles Massey
John Charles Massey
Date of Birth 21 June 1860
Place of Residence St John Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Elizabeth Marion Jamieson
Childrens Names Eric Arthur John, Walter Edmond Gordon & Clive Claude Legrand Jamieson

John Charles Massey was born at 'Ellerslie', near Campbelltown, on 21 Jun 1860, the eldest son of John Charles Massey (1833-1889) and Mary Flynn who married on 11 Sep 1861. John junior married Elizabeth Marion Jamieson in Launceston on 17 Aug 1882 at the Holy Trinity Church, Launceston. They had three sons: Eric, 1883-1963; Walter, 1884-1966 and Clive, 1886. John was a farmer on the family property at 'Ellerslie' before moving into Launceston were he was appointed, on 1 Oct 1888, to the Post Master General's Department as an instrument fitter. By 1914 he was described as a telephone technician.

He died at the age of 85 on 10 Jul 1945 in Launceston, and was buried at Carr Villa with his wife who had died on 18 Jun 1928. They were buried in Section B11 No. 109. His sister Cothleen (Kate) and cousins Edward and Norman Massey are also pictured in the Family Album.

Barbara Valentine Oct 2008