Ella Kathleen Maddox
Ella Kathleen Maddox
Date of Birth 23 February 1872
Place of Residence 'Kinross House', George Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Leonard Albert Cuff
Childrens Names Leonard, Alan, Nancy, Elizabeth (Betty) & John

Ella Kathleen Maddox was born on 23 Feb 1872, the second child of Dr William Gordon Maddox (1844-1916) and his wife Maria Grace Schultze (c.1849-1889). She married Leonard Albert Cuff on 15 Oct 1901 at the Holy Trinity Church, Launceston. They had five children: Leonard Gordon, born 1 Feb 1903; Nancy Gordon, 1 Jun 1904; Elizabeth Gordon, 30 Jun 1906; Alan Gordon, 7 Jun 1908 and John Gordon, 8 Oct 1914. Like his father and grandfather, Leonard, a New Zealander, was a keen cricketer and a member of the Northern Tasmanian Cricket Association. He also achieved success in athletics, golf and bowls. Leonard died aged 88 on 9 Oct 1954. Ella passed away aged 97 on 9 Sep 1969. Their cremated remains were interred in the Western Wall at Carr Villa. See The Examiner 27 May 2006, p.34.

Angela Prosser Green, Ann Murray, Ruth Cuff & Barbara Valentine Sep 2005