Ellen Lockie
Ellen Lockie
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence 'Roslyn' 45 Elphin Road Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Francis Lockie
Childrens Names Effie Mabel

Mrs Ellen Lockie, nee Duffie, married Francis Lockie on 9 Nov 1870 in Launceston. At the time of the Tasmanian Exhibition in 1891-92 they were living at 'Roslyn', Elphin Road, Launceston.

They had an adopted daughter, Effie Mabel, who might have been born in Jan 1897. Ellen died aged 80 on 19 Aug 1929 at her residence, 45 Elphin Road. In her will she left several large bequests to Effie, who had married Villads Willadsen in 1918 and was living in Sydney. Other relatives and friends and Chalmers Church in Launceston also benefited. Francis had died in the Launceston General Hospital aged 81 on 6 Sep 1916. They are both buried at Carr Villa in Section F No. 60.

Prue McCausland Feb 2010