Archie Barnard Lawrence
Archie Barnard Lawrence
Date of Birth 17 August 1867
Place of Residence 'Billop' Cressy Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Nora Islay Kathleen Carr
Childrens Names John Effingham & Kathleen Jean

Archie Barnard Lawrence was born to Effingham Billop Lawrence and his second wife Grace Barnard who were married on 19 Aug 1865. His siblings were: Effingham Dryburgh, 1866; Norman Billop, 1869; Cyril Marcus, 1871; Clara Nellie, 1874; Vernon Elliot, 1875; Sydney Jesse, 1876; Flora Gwendoline, 1878; Owen Effingham 1881 and Leonard Linley 'Lucky', 1883. Archie's father was first married to his mother's sister, Clara Barnard. There were two children: Frank Effingham born 1858 and Annie born 1859. Archie was the bank manager of the Union Bank Australasia and later lived in Masterton, New Zealand, from 1905 to 1930. He later lived in Auckland. He had an interest in farming. He married Nora Carr (17 Nov 1877-25 Jul 1949) on 15 Apr 1903. His children were John Effingham, born 26 Mar 1906 and Kathleen Jean, born 11 Nov 1907. His son became a pastoralist in New Zealand.

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