Richard Arthur Kingsford
Richard Arthur Kingsford
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Ida May Laidlaw
Childrens Names Arthur Godfrey, Ida E S, John A, William Raymond & Richard Phillip

This is possibly Richard Arthur Kingsford, an accountant, who married Ida May (or Mary) Laidlaw. Their son Arthur was born at St Georges Square, Launceston, in 1894. By 1903 they had moved to Mosman, Sydney, where Richard was said to be a sugarcane planter. Their daughter Ida was born in Mosman in 1903 and son John was born there too in 1904. There were two other sons: William, who died in 1958 at Rylstone, NSW, and Richard, who died in 1966 at Manly. Richard Arthur seems to have died or moved away, as Ida was living alone at 'Miniwick', Greycliffe Avenue, Vaucluse, NSW, in 1930.

Barbara Valentine & Marion Sargent Apr 2009