Louis Saenger Holmes
Louis Saenger Holmes
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Charles Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Lucy Mary Newton
Childrens Names Robert John, Louis Gordon, Alice, Jessie Eileen, Florence & Edna Lucy

Louis Saenger Holmes was born at Smythes Creek, Victoria, in 1859, a son of James Holmes and Jessie Murdoch. Louis Holmes trained as a doctor and registered as a GP in Launceston on 3 Dec 1887. He married Lucy Mary Newton on 18 Jul 1888 at Hawksburn, Victoria. Their six children were born in Launceston: Robert, 11 Nov 1889; Louis, 7 Jul 1892; Alice, 20 Dec 1893 and died on 20 Jan 1894; Jessie, 18 Dec 1894; Florence, 8 Oct 1899 and Edna, 9 Sep 1902.

The Launceston Volunteer Ambulance Corps was formed in 1899 under the command of Captain-Sugeon Louis S Holmes. He was also Port Health Officer for the Marine Board of Launceston. At the time of the Exhibition, Louis Holmes LRCP, LRCS Ed, LFPS, was living in Charles Street, Launceston. He took part in a 'Living Chess Tournament' at the Exhibition in March 1892, playing for the Workmen's Club.

The family appears to have moved to Victoria about 1907 and later to Adelaide, South Australia, where they were living when their second son, Captain Louis Gordon Holmes, died of wounds at sea on the HMAS Gascon near Gallipoli on 23 Jun 1915, aged 22.

Louis Saenger Holmes died at Kooringa, South Australia, on 14 Jul 1926; his wife, Lucy Mary Holmes, died in 1935 in Victoria, aged 69.

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