Harold Weedon Green
Harold Weedon Green
Date of Birth 13 August 1880
Place of Residence 'Windarra' 22 High Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name 1. Alice Marion Archer; 2. Annie Mary Affleck (nee Wright)
Childrens Names 1. Daniel Archer & Roderic

Harold Weedon Green was born in Launceston on 13 Aug 1880, the third son of Arthur Green (1842-1924) and his wife Florence Weedon (1851-1938). He was educated at the Launceston High School. Qualifying as a lawyer in 1903, Harold began his solicitor's practice in Sheffield later that year. He continued there until his retirement in mid-1944.

Harold married twice. On 24 Oct 1906 at Christ Church, Longford, he married Alice Marion Archer (20 May 1879 - 17 Feb 1946). She was the eldest daughter of Daniel and Annie Archer of 'Longford Hall'. They had two sons: Daniel Archer was born on 5 Nov 1907 and Roderic on 21 Apr 1915. Harold and Alice were involved in many local organizations in Sheffield, such as the Red Cross, and a tribute to their work is held in the Kentish Museum. After Alice's death in 1946 Harold married Annie Mary Affleck (nee Wright) on 9 Jun 1948. He died on 2 Sep 1971 and was buried with his first wife Alice and her mother Annie Archer in the grounds of Christ Church, Longford. See The Examiner 29 Apr 2006, p.30.

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