Clara Beatrice & Ada Lilian Genders
Clara Beatrice & Ada Lilian Genders
Date of Birth 25 April 1877
Place of Residence 29 High Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Trixy: Clement Theodore Stephenson; Ada: William Rothwell Barrett
Childrens Names Trixy: Joseph Theodore

Clara Beatrice (Trixy) and Ada Lilian Genders were the youngest daughters of Joseph Charles Genders (1827-1914) and his first wife Albina Louisa Perry (1837-1888).

Trixy Genders was born on 25 Apr 1877 at Gilberton, South Australia. She was the twelfth of 13 children. Trixy married Clement Theodore Stephenson, the Central Mine manager at Broken Hill, on 28 Jan 1910 at St John's Church, Launceston. They had one son, Joseph, born on 14 Feb 1911. The family lived in Kew, Victoria, where Clement was an engineer. Clara died at St Lucia, Queensland, on 8 Sep 1964. Clement is also in the Family Album.

Ada Genders was born at Gilberton on 5 Apr 1879. She married William Rothwell Barrett at St John's Church, Launceston, on 2 Jan 1918. William, born in Sydney in 1893, was a Clerk in Holy Orders and the couple moved to various parishes throughout Tasmania. Ada supported her husband in his roles as priest, Warden of Christ College and Archdeacon in the Anglican Church. They returned to Launceston where they both passed away in 1966. Ada died on 10 Feb aged 86 and William died on 3 May aged 73. See The Examiner 8 Jul 2006, p.34.

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