Alfred Evershed
Alfred Evershed
Date of Birth 4 May 1839
Place of Residence 157 George Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Sarah Hannah Cockcroft
Childrens Names Mabel, Alfred Edward, Edith Elizabeth, Harold Robert, Hope Sarah & Irene

Alfred Evershed was born on 4 May 1839 at Arundel, Sussex, England, to Samuel Evershed and his wife Catherine Wakeford. Alfred was the youngest of eight. He learned the timber trade and worked for his father before moving to Littlehampton, Sussex, England. He married Sarah Cockcroft on 3 May 1866 and raised a family of six: Mabel, 1868-1948; Alfred Edward, 1870-1941; Edith Elizabeth, 1872-1953; Harold Robert, 1874-1958; Hope Sarah, 1876-1957; and Irene, 1878-1961. He also cared for his brother Frederick's son Bertrand, 1868-1892.

He brought the family to Tasmania in Jan 1885. They settled in Launceston where the boys attended the Technical School which he helped establish. All were talented in the arts and went on to teach. Alfred, initially employed by the Equitable Building Society, then went on to serve as secretary to the Marine Board for 28 years. An active member of Christ Church Congregational, he died on 17 Jan 1912 aged 72. Sarah died on 25 Jul 1928 aged 89. Alfred's two sons Alfred Edward and Harold are also in the Launceston Family Album.

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