E Cartledge
E Cartledge
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Not known
Childrens Names Not known

This is most likely to be an older brother of Ernest Cartledge who is pictured in the Family Album. Their parents were George Cartledge and Caroline Powell.

The eldest son, George Cartledge, was born on 19 Dec 1864 and would have been 26 at the time the portrait was taken. He might be the George Cartledge who drowned in the Derwent River aged 32 on 17 Feb 1895, less than four years later. He was married with two children. Or he may be the George Horace who died in Victoria aged 80 in April 1945.

Walter James Cartledge, born on 30 Jan 1873, would have been 18. He married Elsie Linda Elizabeth Rebecca Katte (1881-1940) and died in 1950.

Thomas Alfred Cartledge, born on 14 Sep 1875, would have been about 15 at the time of the Exhibition. He married Mary J Wildman in 1910 at Petersham, Sydney, and died on 31 Jan 1961 in East Perth, Western Australia.

Alfred R Cartledge, aged 17, who attended E A Nathan's Launceston High School, exhibited ornamental penmanship in the education and instruction section of the Tasmanian Exhibition. He was the son of Robert Henry Cartledge and Matilda Boswell.

Marion Sargent & Markem Katte Jan 2009