Dudley Fortescue & Eveline Berresford Campbell
Dudley Fortescue & Eveline Berresford Campbell
Date of Birth 30 November 1881
Place of Residence Upper George Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Eveline: Frederick Albert Corti
Childrens Names No children

Dudley Fortescue and Eveline Ber(r)esford Campbell were the youngest children of John William Campbell (c.1840-1913), public servant, and Henrietta Chamberlain (1840-1928).

Dudley was born on 11 May 1883 at Longford, soon after the family moved north from Hobart. He did not marry and died age 24 at 'Clydeville', 13 Welman Street, Launceston, on 14 Sep 1907. He was buried at the Carr Villa Cemetery in Section F 146.

Eveline (or Evelyn) was born in Hobart on 30 Nov 1881. She married Frederick Albert Corti on 27 Feb 1907 at 13 Welman Street. The couple, who did not appear to have any children, moved to Melbourne, back to Launceston then to Elphinstone Road, Hobart. Eveline died on 2 Sep 1936. She was buried at Cornelian Bay. Frederick died in Launceston on 25 Jul 1948, aged 82.

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