Allan Scott Boag
Allan Scott Boag
Date of Birth 13 October 1890
Place of Residence 24 William Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Stella Irene Donaldson
Childrens Names Patricia, Elizabeth & Allan Scott

Allan Scott Boag was born in Launceston on 13 Oct 1890, the sixth child of James Boag II (1854-1919) and his wife Elizabeth Edwards. He is pictured with his nanny. Allan married Stella Irene Donaldson on 10 Aug 1915 at Chalmers Manse, Launceston. They had three children: Patricia, Elizabeth and Allan Scott. Their eldest child, Patricia, was born on 8 Dec 1918 at the Edinburgh Hospital, Macquarie Street, Hobart. The family later moved to Melbourne where Allan died aged 60 in 1951. See The Examiner 14 Jan 2006, p.27.

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