Sophia Walters Tarlton
Sophia Walters Tarlton
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence 'Waratah' 12 York Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Robert Alfred Tarlton
Childrens Names Robert Henry, Sophia Turner, Henry Herbert, Fritz Ernest, Frank Hedley, Annie Maud, Leslie Jefferis, Edith Marion & Elliot

Mrs Sophia Walters Tarlton, a daughter of Caleb Turner, was the second wife of Robert Alfred Tarlton. Sophia and Robert married in South Australia in 1866. She was the niece of his first wife Caroline Walters who died in 1865. Robert and Sophia had six sons and three daughters between 1866 and 1884. They moved to Launceston, Tasmania, in 1889.

Sophia, her husband Robert and their five youngest children all had season tickets to the Tasmanian Exhibition in 1891-92 and are pictured in the Family Album. After four years in Launceston most of the family moved to South Africa where Sophia died on Good Friday 1913 after 47 years of marriage. The epitaph on Sophia's headstone reads 'Her life was spent in making others happy'.

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