Alfred Bungey
Alfred Bungey
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence 91 George Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Ada Blanche Coulter
Childrens Names John Phayse, Joan Berenice, Greta Joyce & Betty Maxine

Alfred Bungey was born in 1860 at Emerald Hill, Melbourne, son of Charles James Bungey and Elizabeth Kerr. He married Ada Blanche Coulter on 12 Apr 1899 at St John's Church, Launceston. Their first three children were born at 82 Canning Street, Launceston: John Phayse, 28 Sep 1900; Joan Berenice, 28 Aug 1903 and Greta Joyce, 9 Nov 1907. The family had moved to 179 St John Street by the time Betty Maxine was born on 8 Jun 1911.

Alfred was employed as a draper at Dempsters' 'Beehive' store until he established his own shop in Aug 1912 selling mainly ready-made women's and children's clothes at 'Bungey's Corner'. This was situated on the corner of Brisbane and George Streets.

Alfred died aged 87 on 13 May 1947 at St Vincent's Hospital, Launceston, and his ashes were interred in the Western Wall No. 155 Site B at Carr Villa. Ada died aged 74 on 30 Jan 1949 and was buried in Section C5 No. 208. Two of Ada's brothers, William and Alexander Coulter, are pictured in the Launceston Family Album.

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