Charles or Cecil Brownrigg
Charles or Cecil Brownrigg
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence St John Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Not known
Childrens Names Not known

This would be either Charles Lever Brownrigg or his brother Cecil Blake Brownrigg. They were the second and third sons of Rev. Marcus Blake Brownrigg and his wife Georgiana Eliza Shapcote. They were both born in Launceston, Tasmania, where their father was rector of St John's Church. A brother, Marcus, and sister Katherine are also in the Album.

Charles Lever Brownrigg was born on 21 Jul 1868. He attended the Launceston Church Grammar School, along with his brother Cecil. Charles married May Fanny Lucadou-Wells on 4 Sep 1901 in Launceston. They had four children: Charles Steward Blake on 2 Jan 1903; Marcus Gifford Blake on 10 Apr 1904; Reginald Blake on 29 Nov 1909; and Margaret May on 2 Dec 1918. Charles died at a private hospital aged 63 on 6 Apr 1932. He was buried at Carr Villa in Section B15 No. 473. His wife May died aged 85 thirty-three years later and was buried with Charles on 23 Aug 1965.

Cecil Blake Brownrigg was born on 18 Dec 1869. He joined the Civil Service in Launceston in 1891. Cecil married Florence Hope Sleeman on 26 Apr 1904 at St Oswald's Church, Trevallyn. Hope was the youngest daughter of Captain Richard Sleeman RN, who also appears in the Family Album. Cecil and Hope had one son Trevor Blake who was born on 9 Jun 1905. Cecil died aged 76 on 3 Sep 1947 and was buried at Carr Villa in Section C11 No. 135. His wife Hope died aged 79 on 19 Feb 1958 and was buried next to her husband. Their son Trevor died just a few weeks later aged 53 on 23 Apr 1958 and was buried with his mother. See The Examiner 17 Mar 2007, page 37.

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