Jane Bateman
Jane Bateman
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence 115 Wellington Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Thomas Bateman
Childrens Names Emily, Jeannie, Charles George, Lillian, Arthur Frederick

Mrs Jane Bateman was born about 1842 in Manchester, England. Her five children were born in England between 1866 and 1883. The family arrived in Australia on the Iberia in May 1884. The youngest child Arthur, died 11 Aug 1889 aged 7. Jeannie returned to England in 1898. Her husband died in London in 1900. The remainder of the family had left Tasmania by 1904. Jane's husband and four children also appear in the Album. See The Examiner 15 Oct 2005, p. 30.

Marion Sargent Oct 2005