Peter Bulman
Peter Bulman
Date of Birth 5 December 1831
Place of Residence Waverley Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Agnes Hogarth
Childrens Names No children

Peter Bulman was born on 5 Dec 1831 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the second son of Peter Bulman (1800-1846) and Agnes Miller (1800-1878). He had four brothers: Robert, William, James and John. Peter arrived in Tasmania on the Champion of the Seas in 1858. He followed agricultural pursuits for 14 years and then set up the Waverley Woollen Mills on the outskirts of Launceston. Peter had a keen interest in horticulture; he specialised in growing chrysanthemums for the show bench. He gave support to the provision of electricity to the city and lighted the Waverley Mills with electricity in the early 1890s.

Peter married Agnes Hogarth, the eldest daughter of Thomas Hogarth of 'Raeburn', Breadalbane, on 9 Mar 1865. They did not have any children. Peter died aged 64 on 29 Feb 1896 at 'Roxburgh', Newstead, the home of his brother-in-law Robert Hogarth. He was buried in the Scotch Cemetery. Agnes is also pictured in the Family Album. More information on Peter Bulman and the Waverley Mills is in the book by Julian Burgess, The outcome of enterprise: Launceston's Waverley Woollen Mills.

Sally Vandenberg Sep 2011